Hi, I’m Steve Nyberg.

Thanks for joining me here on my journey. The fact that you are here means we already have a lot in common, meaning we both have the same desire of creating a life FREE of the 9 – 5 shackles, living the dream so to speak.

In a nutshell, you are here because you are serious about finding the best opportunity to create the life you deserve. Right?

Breakfast in Indo
Breakfast in Indo

It wasn’t so long ago for me that I was desperately searching for a way out too, the holy grail, it couldn’t come quick enough for me, I was jumping from one “Get Rich Quick” scheme to the next, losing money and getting nowhere fast.

I couldn’t figure it out, I was dedicated and sure of my abilities but just couldn’t get any traction in my endeavours.

I was reading some great self-improvement books written by great mentors like Jim RohnJoseph MurphyStuart Wilde and one of my favourites Jessica Connor. But 9 times out of 10 when I checked my bank account the numbers were going down not up.

So who is Steve Nyberg?

I grew up in the late 70s -80s in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. Back when milk was delivered to your doorstep every morning and the only phone in the house was the old rotary dial phone that my 3 older brothers and I used to race for when it rarely rang.

Schooling for me was not one of my strongest skills, most of my report cards read “He has so much potential if he would only apply himself”. So I took that advise and after barely scraping through year 9 I went and applied myself to the workforce as an apprentice carpenter.

This trade served me well and I managed to see a lot of Australia contracting my way around the country. I had my first taste of business in a partnership with a friend in the building industry which due to naivety and also no mentors to turn to for guidance only lasted a few years.

I pretty much gave up on business then thinking its all too hard and “you need to be rich to have a successful business”. So I went back to the grindstone of trading my time for money. But always in the back of my mind thinking “there has got to be an easier way”.

sharing popcorn with my son
Sharing popcorn with my son

It was about that time I met a beautiful girl overseas, so I was travelling at every opportunity I could to visit her in exotic South East Asia. Spending a lot of time in airports I found myself surfing the web a lot and came to notice these advertisements following me everywhere I went online. How is it possible they know what I’m interested in all the time? I wondered.

So I watching YouTube and the usual ads came on that I usually skip but this time it grabbed my attention and really struck a chord, curiosity got me and I clicked through to a page offering to view a presentation on how to become involved in the travel industry.

While “Scam Alert” bells were ringing in my head I thought bugger it I’m going to see what this is all about. As we say in Northern Australia “If you never never go, you’ll never never know”.

Well, to tell the truth, I never saw one of those videos because while waiting for the email I did my own research and visited their site which just opened my mind to a world of opportunity. I knew straight away this is ME and decided right then and there that this is what I am going to do.

So I pulled my ship into the shore (metaphorically speaking) set fire to the boat and never looked back. I now live and work (if you can call it work) online with an amazing group of mentors/friends living the laptop lifestyle. I am now free to live where I choose and have as much time as I choose for the people and activities I desire.

So what about you?

Do you have a burning desire for time and or financial freedom? This is a serious opportunity and if you think this is for you then you have to be prepared to step up to the plate. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy so don’t have any illusions that this is just pushing a few buttons and read the material and hey presto !! instant success. It takes dedication and effort.


I will work only with those people that are positive and truly serious about their success and willing to do the work. People that are just going to give it a try and let’s see, I can not help.

Imagine for a moment making the same money you earned right now on your laptop…

Then imagine how your life would be to double, triple or 4 x that over the next few years…

Anything is possible but it is all up to YOU.

Click the link below and lets work together to build your new story.

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