Top 8 Tips to Stay Comfortable Inflight: Things you need to know.

Oh my god, I don’t know what to wear!” or “I haven’t got many clothes in my wardrobe!” I think most girls know what I’m talking about. Men will never understand the need for the variety of clothes, shoes, and accessories that some women own/need and we’ll never understand what’s going on when she’s packing her stuff 3 weeks before the departure day. I would suggest my male friends: DO NOT interfere, smile and wave boys!

In this article, I’d like to give some useful tips for all the novice and maybe semi-experienced travellers out there before jumping on a plane, let’s face it, we are never that good that we can’t learn a few more travel tips.

inflight safety briefing

Before starting off, I have to remind everyone to wear the yellow safety jacket at all times while in transit in case of an emergency occurring during your flight (ahahah). Just kidding, that’s me!

Seriously though, after flying back and forth across the globe during the last few years, I realized how important the decision of what to wear before I go to the airport. There are some little tricks I never knew back before my nomadic days began. However, I finally learned on my own by looking at other passengers and also talking to friends I have met who gave me clever tips regarding what I should and shouldn’t wear on the plane.

Of course, it can depend on the duration of your flight and if you travel in business class or economy, let’s say your flight will be on average 6/10 hours long and you’re going to travel in economy class (like me). Here are some tips for an enjoyable flight:

Don’t wear your summer clothes

Even if you’re going to a tropical destination such as Fiji, Bali or Thailand, and it’s summertime, don’t be crazy and turn up at the airport only wearing shorts, singlet, and flip flops! The temperature inside an aircraft gets very cold at around 33,000 feet off the ground and many airlines always keep the aircon on full blast.

Wrapped in Blanket

How many times have you seen the smart person next to you warm as toast under a blanket while your shivering?! Some full-service airlines will supply blankets, pillows and a few comfort items but for the budget airlines, it’s just pile on and squeeze yourself into a seat. Also, many airports around the world leave the aircon switched on 24/7.

Always carry a jacket with you

Something warm and fluffy should suffice, just be sure it’s comfortable and also not your favorite jacket in the whole world. Why you ask? Jackets and clothing, in general, are probably the most lost and found items in an airport. Speaking of losing stuff what if your main luggage gets lost? Did you know that airlines still mislay 25 million bags a year? I would suggest placing a change of clothes into your carry on bag, so you can use in case of a fashion emergency.

Don’t wear tight clothes

Try not to wear really tight clothes unless they’re super stretchy. For instance, wearing tight pants can if traveling longer than 8-10 hours be associated with an increased risk of a disease called DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) which produces the formation of blood clots blocking the circulation in the vein, common in the legs in this case.

Wear large clothes instead

A comfortable tracksuit is highly recommended, it doesn’t bother you too much, especially if you have to remain seated for many hours. Trust me, wearing large clothes made with materials that are as natural as possible such as cotton and wool will make a big difference.

Comfortable Clothes

Wear Comfy footwear

I think this tip is the best. You’re not going to a party, a wedding or a function, at least not on the plane anyway. High heels are usually uncomfortable and painful anyway, can you imagine how comfy they will be on a plane? Wear slip-on shoes they are very comfortable and easy to slip on and off.

Don’t wear strong perfume

I know how much you love to spray a fresh, floral fragrance on your skin but unfortunately, it can cause headaches or nausea to other passengers on your same flight. The internal of an aircraft looks big, but it’s actually quite small once hundreds of people are contained inside.

Don’t wear contact lenses

The low percentage of humidity on board an aircraft can irritate your eyes.

No Contact Lenses

Don’t wear a t-shirt with offensive writing on it

Some airlines prohibit their passengers from wearing those types of clothes because they are considered against their policy. Especially if you are traveling to a Muslim country it is absolutely advised against wearing outrageous t-shirts. In my experience, last year I had to wear my sexy t-shirt back to front to avoid problems at the security airport in Mashhad. As you
may know, in Iran, Islam is the national religion and luckily a Persian passenger warned me before we landed.

So, my dear adventurous friends, I hope you’ll remember the tips in this article before going to the airport next time or for many may be the first time on a new journey, I’m sure you’ll follow my tips.

Please, leave a comment in the section below if you desire more information regarding this topic, It would be a pleasure hearing from you.

Thank you,
Alessandro Mormile

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