Pros and Cons about being an overseas Filipino worker

Hey Guys, it’s me again, Rhea, today I will share with you the pros and cons of why some Filipinos choose to live and work abroad.

Yes, we often think that it’s not going to be easy, for instance, where do I start? which country should I go? is it really worth it?

First Time to Experience the Snow ( Sooo Cold hehe )

One of the best qualities of Filipino’s is that we are hardworking and loyal to our employer. We are patient and we persevere to reach our goals.

Some of those qualities are:

1. As a Filipino, we are willing to work overseas for an employer as long as we get paid higher than what we earn in the Philippines. hehe
2. We sacrifice ourselves just to provide a better living, to support and feed our families back home.
3. We do this even when we all know that working and living abroad means we will be thousand of miles away from home for quiet some time.

Well before you decide to get your passport and needed documents ready make sure to do your research, google it yourself, and or if you do have a friend and relative that lives abroad you can ask them. For sure they are happy to help.

I’m so Tall

I asked a couple of my friends to share their experience of living and working abroad.

A friend that is currently based in Japan says that one of her struggles for the first few months, while she is abroad, is the language barrier, although she has studied the language before she made the move to work in Japan it is still different when you speak it to locals and apply it on a daily basis. Aside from that, she has issues adjusting to the weather too, especially coming from a tropical country where there is no winter is a big challenge. Because there is a possibility that you can get sick adjusting to the cold weather. But it’s not a problem, countries like Japan and other western countries have heaters to make you warm or else grab some hot coffee or someone to cuddle, for sure it really helps haha.

A friend who got married to a Western Guy says that on her first couple of months after she migrated to America is that she only has one to two Filipina friends, she really missed the closeness her family in the Philippines. She missed the noisy streets/neighbors, the karaoke, fiesta and not only that she missed Christmas and New Year’s Eve in the Philipines.

I admit guys being a Filipina this is one of the biggest challenges we will experience living abroad because for me the Philippines has the best Christmas and New Years Eve celebration since we can have fireworks everywhere in the noisy streets, disco and karaoke’s in the neighborhood and heaps of Filipino foods in the table during this occasions.

There is truly “no place like home” as the saying goes.

We Filipinos are flexible when it comes to adapting the western culture. We just love to be called diverse and internationally compatible. We are quick to learn different languages.

Sydney, Australia

It’s hard to compare a hardworking Filipino around the globe.

If you dream to work abroad there is nothing wrong with that but please make sure that you are ready, not only for the responsibilities but be ready in heart and in mind because only those who can survive from being away from home and those who can survive for being independent will get through it.

So if you are a Filipino abroad I salute you guys for your courage and for being a hero to your family.

Share your thoughts below guys if you enjoy, till my next post.

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