From Italy to the ‘Moon’: why I finally moved outside ‘the box’

Well, let’s start from the end: I now live and work in Sydney, Australia after I firstly lived in Perth for two years and then I settled for other two years in New Zealand before returning to ‘kangarooland”.

Ah! I almost forgot… I also travelled to Bali and Fiji twice and one time in Hawaii, Thailand, Iran, Sri Lanka and The Philippines as well. I’ve met hundreds of people from every corner in this planet, I’ve been in places that I used to watch in movies during my childhood and I’ve done things I couldn’t imagine before. That’s my resume’ for the last five years, since I left the country of ‘Pasta and Pizza’.

I’ll never forget that day, the 30th of April 2014, when I remember more than ever how important the feeling of my mom’s concern and hope in her eyes. It was hard to keep the tears from flowing down. I remember I was carrying my luggage full of hope and uncertainty because I knew where I was
going, but I absolutely didn’t know what I was expecting.

Damn! I was going to Australia for the first time in my life (I just turned 29)! I was alone and nobody turned up the next day at Melbourne’s airport to pick me up. No friends, no relatives. Just me and my luggage.

Of course, I’m not going to post here my autobiography writing down a never-ending story, but I’d like to share with you guys the reasons I decided to say goodbye to the previous Alessandro’s life. Have you ever been in that scene of partying with a lot of people, loud music and (more importantly) plenty of alcohol? Everyone is having a great time, yeah? But not you.

You’re desperately screaming like a child inside trying to connect with someone who understands, but nobody does. More or less, that was my everyday feeling. Finally, I can see how it was back then compared to now. When I think at that period of time I’d self-punch on my face.

I was made redundant by the construction company I was
working for due to the financial crisis occurring in Italy (and in Europe) in those years. I barely had the money for fuel and cigarettes and my car was literally falling apart. Not a good time at all. I hated myself, my life and even my family. I used to blame my parents for all of this and that: I said and I did things to them that don’t deserve to be written. But they were (are) always there for me.

So I was sick and tired of that life, always grumpy and unhappy, but in the end, I made a decision that I should’ve made when I was 25: get a passport and see how the rest of the world lives! But before taking off I had to decide where and when hence I started planning my getaway. Firstly, I enrolled in a private
English class, with a fantastic teacher which is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It made life so much easier for me Downunder because as I said before, I went solo.

Where to go? Australia, of course! I think Oz is still considered ‘the better place” and appeals to many people from all around the world. Luckily, at home, I’d found a job as a handyman which let me afford the English course and purchase the flight ticket. I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

I’m sure that some of you, like me, have left their own countries to start a new life in another place, so I’m not going to detail all the culture shocks I experienced and how hard it was at the beginning, starting from scratch in this post, but stay tuned for a future post addressing this. But let me tell you something: do you know what the biggest mistake I made when I was still living in Italy?……yep you guessed it, ME! I was comfortable to be an average complainer rather taking definitive actions. I stupidly continued to stand in front of forever-locked-doors
missing all the others opened, living with hope and dreaming for a better life. I was a prisoner of the common stereotypes still present in my country which tell you what to do, what to think and how you have to be. I was a puppet inside a box.

The decision to escape from all of that was extremely hard, you know, going far away from your family, friends, customs. But I can say it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I just turned my life from a listener to a teller: before I only could listen to other people stories about traveling and overseas life experience, but now I’m the one with something to say. I decided to move on and start to see life from a different perspective.

I simply moved outside ‘the box’. Stepped out of my comfort zone.

This was a little story about me, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and if you identify yourself into something I’ve written, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below. It would be great to share some common experience.

Thank you,
Alessandro Mormile

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