How do you exchange currency?

So your running late and in a hurry that day: you finally arrived at the airport just on time to drop your luggage at the check-in desk and run to the gate, maybe because there was too much
traffic on the road or maybe you missed the bus to get there…and guess what? … You forgot to exchange some X%)#ng money!

Show Me The Money!!

You wanted to do it before jumping on the plane just to have a little cash in your pocket for the immediate expenses on your arrival. And there’s no more time to visit the airport kiosk. Ahhh! You already experienced that, didn’t you?

Well, honestly for this kind of unfortunate scenario, I would simply recommend to set the alarm clock on your bedside table the night prior the departure day.

But what if there’s plenty of time before you fly off? Maybe you should exchange your money wisely? Here’s some tips you’ll certainly find useful and I’m sure you’ll take into account.

Ok! Let’s get started! Generally, travellers rely on three common options in order to exchange currency:

  • Banks
  • Airport kiosks
  • Local and overseas kiosks

Usually kiosks charge more for their commissions than banks. Did you know that?

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

If you love your bank to the point that even before going overseas you always pass by the branch to exchange currency (and to say bye bye), make sure to check the latest currency rate before on the web, so you can compare it with your bank’s rate. And more importantly, ask how much is their commission’s fee. In addition, while you’re there, get more information about their international policy for ATM machines, cheque and bank transfer. Don’t be shy!

On the other hand, if you opt for a kiosk, I would always recommend to monitor the status of the currency rate a few days before your flight and while you’re abroad. In this way, you have enough time to check where and when is the most convenient. Surf on the Internet!

How much should you exchange? Well, it depends on where you’re going to and what is your budget, but I might help you with ‘How you can exchange’: I usually exchange ¼ of my budget before I travel and then the rest ¾ overseas.

I always check my bank and some kiosk rates and commission fees few days prior to my departure. If you notice that the destination currency rate is falling a few days before your flight, your better to exchange your entire holiday’s budget ASAP! So you’ll avoid ‘surprises’.

What about ‘Buying cash online?’ Have you heard before?Nowadays, it’s possible to order cash online in advance. I would suggest this option only if you have a lot of cash to exchange because you might not pay the commissions (ask them!).

In conclusion, be aware that there are countries where international credit and debit cards cannot
be used! For example I went to Iran last year and I couldn’t draw cash from any ATM machines.
Luckily, I had a few Persian friends who warned me before going there.

Photo by Nick Pampoukidis on Unsplash

Remember: always ask people you know about their countries customs and laws. You won’t regret it!

Well guys, I hope I sourced you with some useful information and entertained at the same time.
Please leave a comment in the section below if you think I can help you more.

Thank you,
Alessandro Mormile

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