What you need to know re: This Filipinos visit to Australia

Hey Guys my name is Rhea from Cebu Island in the Philippines. I would like to share with you my first travel experience to Australia.

Healesville Sanctuary

I was 25 back then (2014) when I travelled overseas for the first time and I was all by myself. Straight from Cebu, Philippines to Melbourne, Australia. I admit guys living away from home is not easy, going abroad is a bit of a challenge especially coming from a country where families and relatives are what we value most.

You will learn to adopt on their culture and be a law abiding citizen haha it’s not like home. Aussies are really friendly and easy going. It is a multicultural country so guys if you plan to visit, there is nothing to worry I have done it twice and you can do it too.

Looking back to Melbourne city

One thing I noticed is their love of nature and preserving wildlife that’s what I admire about living in Australia before.

Food: try Aussie meat pies (maggot bags they call them haha), Sausage roll and vegemite (not so sure about this one he he).

Shops: If there is one thing I can complain about is the shopping center close or shuts early, not like SM shopping malls that shuts around 9pm lol !! So if you are a shopaholic make sure to start early when they open haha. (just a tip of advice)

Sightseeing: Oh! since Australia is a huge country there is so much tourist attraction to see and I have only been to Sydney harbour bridge, Sydney Opera house and Twelve Apostle in Victoria. I love Australia, culture and wildlife. I can’t wait to go back and visit again to see places I haven’t been during my first and second visit.

Beautiful Southbank in Melbourne

One on my bucket list is the famous Ayers rock in Northern Territory and Blue Mountains west of Sydney New South Wales. So see you again guys.

If you enjoy please share and I welcome your comments below, If you have any questions I’m only to happy to help, stay tuned to this channel.

Thank you and god bless.

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