“The Italian Connection”

Hi everyone!

Yes…it’s me! Alessandro!

You may be wondering (and you’re only human) how did a young, fit and handsome 30 something Italian guy leave his mamma and end up in Sydney, Australia?

It was the start of May 2014, when I kissed my mamma goodbye for a new life of swashbuckling adventure and experience. Well, during these five years I’ve done a lot of things, I’ve been in many countries and I’ve met many people from everywhere. And I’d like to share some thoughts which you may or may not share.

Does it sound interesting?

Dear friends, there are moments in our lives where we question ourselves what we really want, what’s our dream job or where we would like to live. For me it’s not just fleeting moments, it’s every day like this.

As I mentioned before, in the last five years I experienced a lot, but I finally understood that I’m not the only one searching all these things, me, I’m simply trying to find myself. I’m not a guru of “advice for your life” or a mentor either, but I hope that by you reading this you too can be inspired, I have my own story that I’d like to share with you with my personal ideas of our society, so if you’d like to hear more stay tuned.

Well guys, before I say Ciao, I’d like to conclude my first post by confessing that I’m a (big) dreamer: I’m the one who always sits next to the window in every vehicle just to look outside to spark my imagination. I hope I’ve entertained you by sharing a little bit of my story and if there’s anything you want to ask me please comment this post below.

Please like and share this post and stay tuned because as the great man Arnie said “Arl Be Back”

Thank you,

Alessandro Mormile

                                                         “Trust your Journey”

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