How I had the best experience by travelling solo

Are you still afraid to travel alone? What if you try it at least once?
I know it might sound bizarre for you, but I’ve had the most awesome memories in my life by travelling the world by myself.


How? I just select a country randomly in the world map where of course I haven’t been and I plan my next holiday. Of course, I always take into account time, cost and grade of danger
before deciding where to go next. But don’t think you need a degree to plan a holiday, is easier than you think.

In my opinion, there are more advantages than disadvantages by travelling alone and here I will
indicate the most relevant.


  • You do whatever you want: how amazing is it if you just want to sunbathe the whole day on the beach maybe sipping a mojito or a pina colada? And your travel mate wants to go hiking instead!
  • Definitely more adventure: trust me, you meet people and you go to places that with travel mate/s you would never see.
  • You can easily change your plans: maybe you previously decided to visit a temple but now you want to have fun on the zipline instead. Hahaha


  • Solitude: some people may feel lonely by travelling alone.
  • Sharing cost: travelling alone is a bit more expensive, for example you can split the bill for the hotel room.
Friendly Filipino Taxi Driver

For example, my last vacation on the Philippines I did (of course) travel by myself and I had a fantastic time. I only booked the first three nights in a hotel in Manila and
then I planned the rest of my holiday while I was there. I went one day to Taytay volcano, then jumped on a plane to spend five days in El Nido (Palawan), then back to Luzon island for two days in Baguio to meet friends I had just met in Palawan and then two days in San Fernando.

How come? I just talked to local people for compelling suggestions without planning anything in advance. I just followed my instinct. That’s it.

Well, I hope you might find my advice useful for your next travel experience (possibly by yourself) and comment in the section below if you want to get more information.

Thank you,
Alessandro Mormile

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  1. Inspiring article Alessandro, you travelling alone takes so much courage to do it I wonder how you do that? and journey is more merrier if you travel with a companion a close friend perhaps a family, sister or brother, or with a partner.But as we say life is full of surprises and so as travelling too 👍

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