Travel like a boss

6 Easy Hacks to Travel Like a Boss

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Travelling for most of us is one of the greatest sources of enjoyment we experience.

It helps us grow and learn as individuals both mentally and spiritually.

I love nothing better than the feeling of excitement I get when travelling to new places and meeting new people from different cultures.

Over the years I have learnt a few tricks that a lot of seasoned travellers may already know and use, but for first time and younger travellers I hope these tips can help you.

Travellers! Take Less STUFF


It’s common for newbie travellers to want to take everything that they think they may need but, this in my opinion only detracts from your holiday/travel experience.

Travelling lite is the way to go, what you can’t fit into your backpack/carry-on is often just stuff to lug around.

Also, if you don’t have checked-in baggage there is no waiting at your destination…. Hooray!!

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Another tip for thrifty travellers is to wear your clothes into the shower and wash them in normal soap, rinse and hang to dry. Hey presto, you’ve done your very besto!

Get the Empty Seats, Travellers!

Ok, this is my favourite and a lot easier if travelling solo.

Here’s what to do. When you’re called up to board your flight, just kick back and relax, pretend to be on the phone.

Wait until the last few people are going through then jump in behind.

When you enter the plane check that your the last person to board then disregard where your allocated seat is and look for an empty row of seats.

There usually is at least a couple, sit down like your supposed to be there. Once the seat belt sign goes out you can stretch out like a Boss.

Let Your Bank Know Before You Go

Even if you are taking plenty of cash to cover all your expenses for your travels.

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There is still that chance that something will come up and you may find you need some extra cash or even have to pay for accommodation with your credit/debit card.

The last thing you need in that situation is your bank declining the transaction because it believes it to be fraudulent use of your card.

Let your bank know where you are going.

Take Copies of Important Documents


Definitely a stress saver this one.

Take photocopies of your Passport, visas (if applicable), drivers’ licence, hotel info and insurance info and carry with you.

Also scan all of these and either email them to yourself or store them in the clouds ha-ha, you know what I mean and if you don’t then just email them.

At the Airport

If you have an extended wait or stop over at the airport then I find it cheaper and a heck of a lot more comfy to pay the $30-$50 or so for access to an airport lounge.

Where you will usually find free Wi-Fi, food and drinks. Just check out what’s included and how long your pass will last.

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For frequent travellers, there are third-party vendors that offer airport lounge membership giving you access to thousands of lounges worldwide.

Don’t Exchange Your Money at the Airport


If a terrible exchange rate is what you are looking for then pull out all your cash and exchange it at the airport.

Just kidding but in my experience, you will rarely find decent rates within the airport, it’s like trying to buy a beer for under $10 OMG!!

It’s much better to get a small amount before you depart for taxis and such, then get to your accommodation and ask at reception for a reputable money changer.

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Don’t use the back alley dodgy joints that operate in the open offering amazing rates.

Bonus Tip: Also, take your own water bottle with you to the airport, empty it before security then refill near your gate. Most airports these days have water bottle filling stations to make it easy.

Let me know your best travel tips/hacks in the comments below and please feel free to like & share.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you out in this wonderful world.

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How about a travel insurance? getting insured while travelling is a big to do list too, since its always better prepared, we will never know what is going to happen while you are travelling. Very informative page thanks for this ?